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Health Hunters

Biblical Answers to Modern Food, Environment and Culture, How It Impacts Physical Health, and What to Do About It


Scripture Based Lifestyle

Our society tends to make the simple become very complicated. It is our intention to relay the truth that we are all created in God's image and that while God's created world is extremely complex, He has made it simple for us.

Eating God's Medicine

Mankind has attempted to prove his superior genuis over God throughout the centuries but has always failed. It is God who created our food and water supply and you will learn how to best access God's creation to return the body to health.

Celebrate Victories

Christians are the most fun-loving and entertaining people on the planet and God wants us to celebrate our victories and give Him praise for them. Together, we will do exactly this at our private FaceBook page.

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Health

Here's the bottom line: when we consume the foods God created, our bodies respond with gusto. It is the nutrition in the food that causes us to positively respond with improved health in all aspects of our life.

Necessity of Supplementation

Our soil and water supply has been so deteriorated until we must know what our body requires so we can kick-start our way to health. Expect to start with more supplementation and as you continue with your chosen program, expect to require less and less supplementation.

Adopting a Healthier Way of Life

The goal is to help you understand how to balance your health and at the same time have it become such an integral part of your life until you don't even think about what to eat after you've graduated your program.







About Us

Zach and Cathy Smith have spent over two decades on a quest for optimal health using God’s Word and the resources He has provided all of us.

We have come to understand three important commandments of God that are an absolute necessity for those of us looking to Him for healing and transformation. This means God has given us everything we need for complete physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

“Be Still and Know I Am God.” 

~Psalm 46:10

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