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We pray God will bless you with the knoweldge He’s gifted us with. A donation of any amout helps us pay for this website and the work involved to create it and keep it going.


This is where you can become an HH Member and experience all the benefits. You will have access to all the books (audio and text) along with teaching materials to help you have an understanding of the Spiritual and Physical aspects of life according to Scripture. This is where we remove what man has created and what Satan has deceived us with and introduce only what God provides. Living according to His Word offers peace, tranquility, and hope, the three things missing from our culture today.


Looking for a recommended natural health product, one or a set of the books, or a one-on-one wellness consult? This is where you’ll want to be.


Since God freely gave His Son, our response is also to give. Your giving helps us to continue to fulfill the mission God has given us to be “the voice that returns us to Him while living the healthy, robust life intended.”


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